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  • There are some nice regency-looking lace-up 'vegan' boots at
  • There are some really great projects in this issue - including some gorgeous long regency gloves!
  • Whether it's breakfast at Northanger Abbey, tea and cake at Mansfield Park, or one of Mrs Bennet’s dinners to impress, food is an important theme in Jane Austen’s novels. And now, Austen fans can recreate the dishes featured in the author's works, thanks to new book Dinner with Mr Darcy. Written by Pen Vogler, the editor of Penguin’s Great Food series, the book also features dishes Jane and her family were known to have enjoyed.
  • Another new release for Jane Austen fans: How to Speak Like Jane Austen and Live Like Elizabeth Bennet – a delightfully inventive interpretation of all things Pride and Prejudice – translates the lively language of Jane Austen and the lovely lifestyle of Elizabeth Bennet into easy-to-embrace guidelines for 21st century living, making it possible to talk like Jane and act like Elizabeth – anytime, anyplace.
  • Pride & Prejudice, the game has always been popular amongst Australian Jane Austen fans :)
  • Keen to sew a men's tailcoat for JAFA? Here is a good pattern to use-a men's tailcoat pattern suitable for this period - without the waist seam of late regency and early empire
  • Are you a fan of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice? If you are, then this Pride & Prejudice Trivia Game is the game for you. With 300 trivia cards, including 8 bonus Jane Austen trivia questions, you will enjoy testing your knowledge of this book to become the Pride and Prejudice Trivia Champion and learning facts you may not remember. Gather all your friends who are fans of Jane Austen and see who can claim the title Pride and Prejudice Trivia Champion!
  • Download pattern pieces for a Jane Austen Clothespin Doll at
  • Next year we celebrate 200 years of Mansfield Park. If you have already re-read the novel you may wish to try some of the sequels.
  • Jane Austen 5-Year Journal Looking for a Christmas gift that will last for at least five years? Let the wit and wisdom of Jane Austen guide you throughout the next five years. Each journal page features a memorable quote from the iconic author’s oeuvre that can be revisited each year. Created to help you make a time capsule of your thoughts, simply turn to today’s date and take a few moments to comment on the quote. When you finish the year, move on to the next section. As the years go by, you’ll notice how your commentary evolves.
  • Another book due out in early December in time for Christmas orders is Jane Austen and the Arts: Elegance, Propriety, and Harmony

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